Business opportunities for Finnish companies in Africa

Finnish businesses are continuously showing up progress in the African business sector. Investment analysts and the IMF expect that Africa will expand faster than any other developed country in the next four years. In areas as diverse as environmental challenges and global food shortages, markets are starting new for Finnish companies. The prospect of a remedy to the global food shortage is not the first thing that springs to mind about Africa. Nevertheless, 60% of the world’s neglected cultivable land is in Africa and the atmosphere over there is favorable to agriculture.

Many areas of Africa are rising even faster. And the middle class of Africa is rising faster than that of India. Finnish businesses are constantly spending their time and resources in several prime investment opportunities in Africa that will at the same moment continue to improve local economic growth. There are predictions by the International Monetary Fund that the economy of Africa would grown on average of 5.1% as the eurozone growth is also predicted at 1.6% rate. Moreover, it is time for Finland to collaborate with Africa as the private sector of country like Jyrki Koskelo has managed to gain the investments from the World Bank that would increase the development and growth of many areas in African than in China. Moreover, this investment of international institutions in African would enable the middle class of the region to grow faster than other developing countries.

The key sector for Finnish companies to invest in African region is making sunglasses as it requires raw material, design, investment and appropriate production equipment and machines and most importantly the skilled workforce that exists in Africa. Currently few companies from Finland are already working in the sector that ensures the availability of skilled workforce and further training is arranged together with Finnvera with World Vision.

Sustainable energy production

The debate on climate change risk reduction has partly overshadowed the debate on adaptation to changing local climate. For example, agricultural development is strongly intertwined with climate warming, extreme weather patterns, and non-environmentally friendly power generation.

The power system can be inconsistent in the countryside of Africa. This is a problem for residents, but it can also put businesses at an impasse. Technology in Finland has been blowing the mind. Hence, with the help of a sustainable energy-generating idea, Finnish tech companies can help to generate power.

Opportunities in the IT sector

There are also several opportunities for industries, including the IT sector. As a large number of financial transactions take place via mobile phones. In many underdeveloped countries, mobile phones have been replaced by laptops or desktop computers widely used in the developed regions. In reality, mobile phone applications are making life much easier. People are ordering food, doing bank transactions, and many other small to big activities via phone.

As many areas of Africa still lacked sufficient facilities, there is a tremendous need for a wide variety of IT applications. The former investment industry emphasizes that while much is being said about development assistance for African countries, private and public resources for new investment are incredibly valid

Opportunities in the export market

Finland is heavily reliant on exports, which is why the recent global economic downturn has dramatically affected the economy. Team Finland aims to correct the deficiencies of trade between Finland and other countries. It helps, for instance, to support

Finland as a tourism destination, both in Africa and to Africa. Team Finland is now working with embassies to help individual Finns at work in the country.

Several other businesses are operating and leading to the African business and economy, most of which have been successful in the continent for years.

Opportunities in the health sector

The market for Finnish companies in Africa is very high. The country’s healthcare infrastructure is similar to that of Europe and the United States, making it an excellent entry point for Finnish companies looking to expand into the Sub-Saharan African region. The country also attracts health visitors and clients from other African countries, making Africa a health hub for the broader region. In fact, the nation has health clinics and resources that distinguish it from other Economic sectors.

Africa appears to have the many private clinics with high levels of health outcomes. This indicates that there are opportunities, particularly for the international health care worker. While on the other hand, suppliers too. The healthcare sector in Africa is at an advanced stage and provides vendors with a wide variety of options if they have the right spot. If the middle class rises, demand for quality solutions is increasing. This eventually transforms into potential business opportunities for Finnish health care product supply companies.

Future opportunities

The goal is not to say the future, but to inspire Finnish businesses to schedule new opportunities and to focus their work, trying to position them in the right place. After all, we also want to inspire businesses to look at Africa from a different viewpoint and to understand the possibilities offered opportunities in the country. The most promising sectors for Finland’s skills are ICT, mines, farming, as well as electricity. Of course, we cannot neglect more basic utilities, such as safe drinking water, sanitation, and healthcare.

Approximately 200 Finnish firms are currently exporting to Africa. In addition to Egypt and  Africa, which are the most top attractions for Finnish exports to Africa, Finland’s business areas are now working with companies in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tunisia. Finland and Africa studies observation were able to analyze the prospects offered on the continent while advising emerging markets in Finland and target countries.


Why is working in Africa beneficial for Finnish businesses ?

Africa has the potential to be one of the best places to advance your skills and advance your career, the continent has a growing global position as well as becoming a pioneer in the future of business across the globe.

In the background of developed nations and looking at global economic indices, Africa is also seen as a distinguished contender with distinct competitive strengths. These economic advantages are being consolidated in an effective way to improve the position of the country in the global economy.


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